About us


Welcome to Sri lanka.

We have a 15 year experience in the Sri Lankan Tourism Industry . And Nishaku Lanka Holidays - Colombo Sri Lanka Travel agency was born 22nd of September 2016.

Our main aim, mission, and our hope , would give to , Enjoyable, Safe, Love, Hospitality, Luxurious, Adventurous, Unforgettable Tour in Sri Lanka with, Cheap Tour price with Nishaku Lanka Holidays Hospitality.Our team is very capable and experienced. They are ready to provide maximum and friendly services for Specially Our Nishaku Lanka Holidays customers.

So our team is obligated to provide best, luxurious and attractive services for customers . don't hesitate to select our company which afford friendly, honest as well as reasonable prices.Through your best selection you can get unforgettable experience.

We realize your desire and purpose, so our team is obligate to provide maximum service for you. in addition to that our business entity may provide 4 special packages namely Nishaku Lanka Holidays package.according to your favouration you can select any package.and specially we provide our services for reasonable price.Through maximising your satisfaction and having your good feed back, we expect to be a best tourism entity in tourism field of Sri Lanka.

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